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  • With 10000mAh battery, Zest/Zest Pro can live up to your quality and on-time charge expectations. The lightweight of this future technology makes it easy to be carried around without much effort.
  • The Lithium Polymer Battery of Zest/Zest Pro ensures that your device remains safe during charging. As Li-Polymer battery is thinner than regular lithium batteries, it makes the whole device lightweight and easy to carry around.
  • Other than enjoying its miraculous feature of wireless charging, you can anyway charge 2 of your smart devices using its 2 USB ports. If you are afraid that you might drop your phone off this wireless charger, then use it the usual way, the USB port is made especially for you dear friend.
  • The ultra slim body of Zest/Zest Pro makes it ideal to carry on-the-go and take along anywhere. It won’t be an exaggeration to call it a state-of-the-art design or even technology.
  • Whether being mysterious is your style or flaunting it like an open book, Zest/Zest Pro has black and white choices for you. Both models come in both colours, not restraining you to stick to a single one, whether it expresses you or not.
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